An explosion of bright shades fused with the garments of the latest collection by Emporio Armani. Italian tailoring and craftmanship got a youthful modernization for fall were everything is technicolor. 

As we continue to enjoy Fashion Week from the comfort of our homes, I’m seeing that one of the major trends are bright colors, but no one had taken it as bright as Emporio Armani did today. From the neon letterings on the runway to the shiny bubble gum pink, light teal or deep blue. Just the right amount to make the outfits pop out and became instant favorites and crowd-pleasers.

The silhouettes of the clothing were clearly a blast from the past, 80’s inspired broad shoulders jackets and high waisted pants, cropped jackets and silk blouses, faux fur coats and ruffle extravaganza dresses. Each look required to be looked twice, in order not to miss any of their beauty and design. 

The black clothes that walked down the runway were also worthy of admiration, fabrics like smooth shiny velvet, rich wool knitwear or liquid silk gave each look an alluring richness and luxury vibe that has become synonym with the brand. In fact, one of the pieces that caught my eye was the button-down vest and velvet pants paired with a beret and a mini bag.

For the accessories we saw mini handbags in velvet, with little bursts of colors or sequins sawn to them; fedora hats in bright hues as well as berets; low-heeled shoes were accompanied by high boots.

Walking side by side the women we found the men, opposite to the more structural and defined lines, their clothes had soft shouldered and more of a loungewear vibe. Yet seeing them side by side you could appreciate that the line between masculine and feminine is fading and clothes are becoming more and more genderless.

This was the perfect show, were you were able see the clothes transitioning from a texturized black palette into bright neon colors that fade against the neon lightning backdrop and into shiny sequins embroideries that make the clothes sparkle.

I have read many times now that after this whole pandemic is over, people will be looking for ways to express and celebrate life, well I can just say that with his new collection Giorgio Armani is saying the same. It is time to dress up!