Ralph & Russo is a brand inspired by the modern woman, who transmits a youthful and radiant vibe. Its new collection leaves no doubt about this statement.

Once again Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo made it. It is surprising to think about when they were a small couture atelier, which now has become an important fashion house recognized worldwide.

Its new collection is full of floral prints, glitz and glamour, this kind of tie-dye effects in different colors like royal blue, yellow, and pink that takes me to spring. A perfect combination for the season.

Talking about the cuts I just simply can say that I loved all of them, the baggy silhouettes and those small details that might seem insignificant, such as feathers that they put on their necks and sleeves, giving a kind touch that has become a seal of this fashion house.

The venue was painted with pink from seats to the walls and ended in a circular center with palm trees, the only green point in the whole pink paradise. The makeup was something that stands out as they marked the eyelashes under the eyelid, somehow making the models look like dolls, matching the location in which they were walking.

My look for the catwalk was a Midi dress, with tights, blue ankle boots and a striped mini bag. I left my hair loose with a headband.

My favorite outfits.