It is true that I’m busy woman and that I barely have time to spare. And even if I’m not much the movie fan that sometimes I’d like to be, of course I have my favorite movies that I love to watch whenever I have the opportunity, the ones which I like to borrow some inspiration for my content.

And before we continue, lets play a game! Can you guess which movie on the list inspired this video? We filmed it in Venice this February, while we were there for Fashion Week. We had so much fun! One day, I’d love to be part of a movie production. I know it is a lot of work but I’m totally prepared.

I’d like to begin with a beautiful classic that maybe you think should be here. Of course I’m talking about ​Breakfast at Tiffany’s​. As you may know, Audrey Hepburn is one of the women I admire and her work in this movie is just terrific: not in vain it’s her most memorable role. Audrey Hepburn herself said that this was her most difficult role, because she was such an introvert girl and Holly is a girl who can eat the whole world with her open attitude.

Do you know that this film is preserved by the National Film Registry of the United States? This entity works to ensure the conservation of movies that has a cultural relevance. It is amazing that ​Breakfast at Tiffany’s​ deserves this honor, don’t you think?

Sometimes, when I’m in New York (and if I have the time) I like to visit some of the film locations and of course, this includes the Tiffany and Co. at the Fifth Avenue.

Our next movie is also a classic, and maybe you’d like to sing with me? ​Pretty woman, walkin’ down the street, Pretty woman the kind I like to meet​! Did you know that the song by Roy Orbison inspired the movie? ​Pretty Woman i​ s a beautiful love story. Maybe a little bit cliché, but that’s not a problem. A cliché, well managed, could be turned into a story worth to see again and again and again. I read that Richard Gere was ready to turn down the role when he saw a post-it with a note written by Julia Roberts: “please say yes”. And he said yes. You should never doubt the power of a woman! And, just another curious fact: the necklace that Vivian uses during the opera scene, actually costs $250,000 dollars and they had its own security guard looking after it.

I can’t help it. I am a romantic woman and I just have to say, about ​Pretty Woman​: We all deserve someone who save ourselves right back.

Pulp Fiction​ is our next movie! I think you didn’t see that coming, did you? I also have my Tarantino side (we all should have a Tarantino side). I love how it’s narrated, its humor and irony and how it has inspired other movies and directors (I’m willing to have my own Pulp Fiction-themed video, can you imagine it?).

What do you think that’s inside the briefcase? Everytime I see it, I like to think another new thing, some serious and some more funny, like french fries.

Maybe one day I’ll have the time to see all the movies that inspired Tarantino to make one of its most iconic movies.

Now it’s time for a movie closer to this days (well, maybe not ​that​ closer, because it’s from 2010, and that was nine years ago!): ​The Tourist,​ where you can see another woman I admire and that inspires me: Angelina Jolie. She always have powerful roles, with powerful women on the screen. I love the Elise’s plot twist, that makes her even a stronger character. I love all of Angelina’s movies, but this is one of my favorites, because even if I am a romantic girl, I also love action!

And last but not least, we have​ Pride & Prejudice,​ another movie with a powerful woman in the leading role character. Yes, maybe you’ve noticed by this point: I’m in love with movies that portrays women as we are, strong and delicate at the same time. And I don’t just lovePride & Prejudice ​for its lovely story, but also for its costume design, made by Jacqueline Durran. And just for another fact, did you know that the movie is settled in 1797 because it was the year in which Jane Austen wrote the first draft of her book? Imagine living in that century and tell stories such as ​Pride & Prejudice!​

Well, now you know. This are a few of my favorite movies. Which one do you like the most?