I love vintage clothing (like, Middle Age kind of vintage). Although it had some drawbacks, we won’t deny that it was very stylish and attractive. How about putting together some modern outfits, reminiscent of past aesthetics?

What do you think of period series and movies, don’t you love them? With all those costumes made with so much care; even the smallest details are perfectly thought out to fit their historical context. When the work is well done, I’m a total fan.

For example, I love The Favourite; I consider it a comedy with a super well-crafted costume design. Although Sandy Powell didn’t take home the Oscar at the 2018 ceremony, she did amazing things for Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and the rest of the cast. I also declare myself in love with Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, The Crown and even Outlander. Phew! I wish someone would throw a costume party so I’d have the perfect excuse to slip into one of those amazing dresses and spend the whole night feeling like a member of some royal household. Sira of House Pevida!

However, while we wait for it to happen, I found some clothes that would help me bring (and transform) all the power and class of a lady into the 21st century (because, although vintage clothes can be charming, they are also uncomfortable and could even be dangerous; did you know that, for a while, arsenic was used to dye fabrics green?).

Large volumes are one of the fundamental elements of vintage fashion, which is why this white mini dress by Aliétte seemed to me an ideal choice to build a winning look. The ruffles are also another element that I wanted to rescue, for example, in this pink top by Paco Rabanne or in this pleated cuff blouse by Khaite. Tanned leather: we have seen it countless times on the screen, in the form of armours or other apparel. Adapted to our times, a jacket made of this material looks exactly like this shirt from 16Arlington, which you can wear with a basic t-shirt underneath or alone, for more sensuality.

In the Middle Ages, religion played a crucial role in society, so I also wanted to include it in this Staud maxi dress with golden medallions (my recommendation is that you wear it with this Valentino bag with brass details, to reinforce that sense of ostentation); and since we are with the Middle Ages, I didn’t want to leave out the chain mail, a crucial piece of any armor. You’re not going to tell me that this silver dress from New Arrivals doesn’t look ready for a ferocious battle. Maybe you’re going for a court jester look (for some curious reason)? Well Loewe has just the thing for you here. Or, if you want something more demure, let’s honor the tights with these green-toned flared pants from Isa Boulder that you could pair with a more modern take on the corset, like this one from Dion Lee.

Like me, you can dream and look like a powerful lady warrior of modern days. Check out my full selection below!

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