One of my favorite brands in watches! 

Known for its elegance, it was presented at the most important watchmaking event in Latin America. SIAR is the International Hall of Haute Horlogerie where the most important watch brands in the world are introduced.

Audemars Piguet is not only amazing for its luxurious designs, but it has an interesting story behind each of its watches. Each project is created by artists who personally make their own interpretations of the cultural origin of this enterprise.

On this opportunity, they presented the Millenary Collection with a beautiful contemporary design. The case is oval and the dial on the sphere is out of phase. Some are decorated with handmade diamonds. I love the variety in designs of this collection. There are different colors such as frosted gold, opaline with gold, rose gold, brown, and blue. They also come with leather, mesh, and metal straps. 

Code 11.59, is a watch with lots of experimental design. Its case is circular and has a sapphire crystal with a double curvature to give it a deepness effect and play with its perspective as well as its light. It is one of the most important projects for AP since the technology they used is very complex. It’s made of thin golden layers and a six calibres mechanism that ensures its accuracy.

Another wonderful thing I love about the brand is how they relate to different concepts like art, sports, music, and its foundation. With these watches is how they help preserve the forests aside from inventing incredible designs, set trends, contribute preserving the environment and give the example that we can all be supportive in different areas. 

They created a beautiful ambiance at the suite of the St. Regis Hotel, where the event took place. At the entrance was the installation “Voyage” created by Arin Rungjang.

Here are some pictures of my favorite pieces.

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