During the 20s (those of the last century) the term flapper began to be used to talk about a very particular type of woman; one who didn’t follow the rules of etiquette established by the high society of the time. Flapper girls were super bold, wore shorter than normal clothes, walked proud with their bob cuts, drank what was supposed to be “for men”, smoked, drove motorcycles and cars, and, in general terms, were quite challenging. Flapper girls experienced their freedom as they wanted and that made them, according to some, immature and provocative. I say they were incredibly iconic!

If you saw The Great Gatsby (the 2013 one) you know what I’m talking about: Daisy Buchanan is quite the flapper, as are many of Gatsby and Nick’s other friends.

Besides the party atmosphere, you surely remember their style: full of sparkles and with dresses that molded their bodies to reduce their curves, trying to achieve a childish figure with masculine touches (hence the term this aesthetic was known with, garçonne). I consider them super sophisticated, rebellious and daring, and that’s why I wanted to inspire today’s outfit in them, and how I think they would dress in these new 20s, adding a summer touch —because we still have time to go to the beach.  

Coincidentally, for this look I found everything I needed at Prada (thank you, Miuccia and Ralf): from the white dress with fringes on the hem, heels in the same tone, dark glasses for the powerful sun and sparkling brooches, which add that touch of glamour necessary for every flapper. Ah! And I can’t forget the bag, a touch of blue to stand out —and mimic a little with the ocean.

What do you think? How do you adapt the flapper look to this year and season?

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