Today it was Boss’ turn to show us its Spring-Summer 2021 collection during Milan Fashion Week, and of course I was ready to enjoy it!. Ingo Wilts, creative director of the firm, decided to present his catwalk in a physical event at the Palazzo del Senato, a building built in 1608. And although due to restrictions and my family’s and my own safety, I couldn’t be in Italy for this Fashion Week, I haven’t miss a thing as I have the opportunity to enjoy the collections from the comfort of my living room (I’ll let you guess if I was still in my pajamas or not). And of course, this one wasn’t the exception!

The fact that brands are making the decision to do face-to-face catwalks, taking all the sanitary precautions needed to ensure all the attendant’s wellbeing just as Boss did, seems like a sign that fills me with optimism. Who knows? Perhaps sooner rather than later we will be walking the streets of the most fashionable cities in the world (again).

But there will be time to talk about it later, because right now we are here to talk about Boss’ amazing show! This time, Ingo Wilts decided to go for a much more casual tailoring without losing the elegance that characterizes each of his collections. Sporty silhouettes (sweatshirts, jogging pants and sneakers) combined with perforated coats and slightly loose jackets give life to looks ideal to wear during a Zoom meeting, where you want to be presentable without losing the comfort of being at home. Without a doubt, the creative team at Boss was inspired by what we’ve all been living to create garments that represent our state of mind and that point to a much more chic quarantine.

Stylized sandals with shirts, shorts and raincoats will undoubtedly be one of the many trends that I for sure will wear this next season, following the line of pastel blues, greens and browns that Boss reinforces on this catwalk.

I personally loved William Farr’s floral illustrations carried over into complete sets, as they offer a much more abstract side of spring.

Of course, knitwear could not be absent, to add to the large number of complementary textures that Boss launched in this collection. I already have my eye on that pink knit dress. I can’t wait to have it in my closet!

Here below, you can find my favorite outfits:



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