Lately I’ve been thinking about change, like, a lot. And with justification: I recently took a big step and opened my own pre-loved clothing e-commerce (Dream Closet, here it is in case you didn’t know), plus The Walk, the blog I founded with Ale (my brother) several, many years ago, and which evolved into a digital magazine, has taken a 180 degree turn again (although maybe I still can’t tell you much about it, so let’s keep it as a secret). What changes have you gone through recently?

With this stuff and what it entails, maybe I got to feel a little overwhelmed, but also super excited, because, with each new project, comes a lot of possibilities. So, already having my mind jumping on these ideas and in this mood, I wanted to focus on doing something with that energy: putting together an outfit. And, I know, maybe it sounds a little bit silly, but, as I have always said: clothes are an excellent tool to show how you feel and reflect how your life is going.

And so, I got to work and went through my closet, wondering what could best represent the change: sequins? Something iridescent? A reinterpreted silhouette? None of these ideas sounded bad, however, the result was slightly more unexpected: reptiles.

Before you think what the heck was going through my mind, let me explain: skin change. Reptiles tend to shed their skin constantly, morphing, changing. And since I did my homework, I also discovered that young reptiles do it more than adults. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s like with humans. When we are growing up and we define ourselves, we don’t know well what to choose and how to do it, and we make decisions that later on we don’t want anymore, so we go a different way; but, as the years go by, we start to make other kinds of choices, more thought out, that feel more definitive and… I’m waffling now! Yes. My point is, changes, changes represented through clothing. So, I took a crocodile skin pattern dress from Alex Perry (casually, it’s clingy, so it feels like a second skin), and, being blue, I decided to keep adding accessories in the same color: some Amina shoes and a Bottega handbag. Why? Because blue is a tone that we usually associate with sadness (like blue Monday or feeling blue), but it’s also a calm and harmonious shade, ideal to accompany us in times of evolution.

What do you think about my transformation outfit?

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