Being a woman is a special thing. We can be whatever we want. We can decide whether or not to become mothers; we can be the head of a family and we can be CEOs. There are no limits for women, and we can do whatever we want. All women are extraordinary! 

Today, women are even leading nations. Women like Angela Merkel and Kamala Harris are making decisions that will shape a better future. We also see women as high-performance athletes. Megan Rapinoe, for example, has paved the way in the soccer world and is also an LGBTQ+ icon. Tennis champion Serena Williams, who balances her sport and being a mother, shows us that nothing is impossible. There are also actresses that emanate creativity with every idea they put forth, and their roles extend from the screen and into real life. Emma Watson, for example, is an ambassador for the UN, and Yalitza Aparicio has broken down all types of barriers using her talent. We are living at a time in which little girls will be able to look around them and find plenty of women to motivate and inspire them. 

In the fashion industry, there are many inspiring and motivating women, and I’d like to share a few of them here. These women are not only innately talented, but they are also changemakers. 

Stella McCartney

I love Stella’s story. She was able to separate herself from her father’s fame and position herself as one of the foremost designers of our time. When she started her eponymous firm in 2001, she decided that it would be a 100% sustainable and eco-conscious luxury brand. At that time, she was an exception to the rule with an extraordinary idea, and now, she is considered the pioneer of this movement and an example for big brands. 


Petra Němcová


No woman is quite as extraordinary as the Czech model Petra Němcová. Her personal story and destiny changed in December of 2004 when she survived an earthquake and tsunami while vacationing in Khao Lak, Thailand. After these events, she founded the Happy Hearts Fund, an organization with a special focus on education that supports communities affected by natural disasters. In 2017, her foundation merged with All Hand Volunteers, forming All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response. This new organization has the same goals and is one of the first organizations to arrive in disaster zones and one of the last to leave. 


Vivienne Westwood


English fashion would not be what it is without this woman. Her designs defined the punk esthetic and created a cultural movement that empowered the world. At 79 years of age, Vivienne Westwood has taken on the incredible task of saving the world, using her collections to transmit messages about the importance of changing our way of life to save the planet. In my opinion, there is nothing more punk than that! 


Lindsay Peoples Wagner


At just 30 years old, she’s become one of the most important figures in the editorial world. During her time as Editor in Chief of Teen Vogue, she was able to continue the work of her predecessors and create a space in which politics, inclusion, and diversity were the rule. What’s more, alongside Sandrine Charles, she founded the Black Fashion Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting a more diverse fashion industry.


Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington-Sirapevida

One of the original supermodels of the 80s! While the campaign she did in 1989 for Calvin Klein Eternity might be far in the past, she continues to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. In 2010, Turlington founded the Every Mother Counts organization, a non-profit that aims to help all women gain access to safe pregnancies and deliveries. Without a doubt, this is a simply extraordinary cause. 


Livia Firth


Founder and creative director of Eco-Age, an agency and consulting firm that educates and helps luxury brands transform themselves into 100% sustainable businesses from start to finish. This woman is not only educating her clients—which include extraordinary brands like Chopard, Reformation, Ferragamo, and many others—but also customers via her film series titled Fashionscapes. In these films, she explains supply chains to consumers so that they can better understand their consumption and its effect on the planet and communities. 


Naomi Campbell

Everyone knows who this woman is; her fame is without borders. But, the most admirable aspect of this woman, in my opinion, is her charitable spirit. She is one of the loudest voices speaking out about the injustices of racism in the industry. In 1998, she organized a runway show to raise money for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and she has appeared in campaigns against breast cancer and created foundations like We Love Brazil and Fashion for Relief. Without a doubt, Naomi is an inspiration and a prime example of an extraordinary woman. 


There are thousands of women like the ones I’ve mentioned—extraordinary women who are leading change in the fashion and luxury industries, women who have decided to go above and beyond and use their influence and power to make real change. 

Having role models that encourage us to maintain a positive attitude and whose philosophies go hand-in-hand with our own, helps us to improve our daily lives. I think that each and every one of us can follow in the footsteps of these extraordinary women with small actions, such as donating clothing we no longer wear, buying vintage pieces, or recycling. As they say, no action is too small! 



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