Just like our body muscles, those in our face and neck also need to be exercised. A good Face Yoga routine will help you revitalize and rejuvenate your face and neck naturally.

We all have a beauty routine that we have been working to perfect over time. We use products such as serums, creams, oils, and tools to help us improve circulation, firmness, and elasticity. But we can also do exercises with our face, neck, and hands to naturally improve their appearance. These type of exercises are commonly known as Face Yoga.

Face Yoga may seem like a new invention, but it has actually been a part of women’s beauty routine for decades. It’s a combination of massages, facial movements, and acupressure that will help strengthen the muscles of the face and neck. And, just like with your exercise routine at the gym, the most important thing is consistency. The more you practice, the more visible results you’ll get. Also, different types of exercises give different effects, so choose a routine based on what you want to achieve. Face Yoga is a great way to tone, improve circulation, and relax muscles.

Over the years, I have created a simple routine that will help visibly improve your face and neck. This Face Yoga routine is for beginners, but if you do it consistently, the results will be amazing.

Wash and Clean: Before getting started, make sure to clean your face and neck, washing them with soap and water. I recommend using cold or room temperature water when washing your face and neck.

Breathe and Relax: Breathe slowly, inhale and exhale by puffing out your chest, relaxing the muscles of your face and neck. Repeat three to five times until you feel calm and peaceful.

Generate Body Heat: Rub your hands together so they are warm and ready to work. Cover your face with your hands to transmit that warmth to your face. Take one more deep breath before you begin.

Wake Up Your Skin: The first thing you must do is gently wake up the skin with your fingers. Touch your entire face with short, light taps. This helps warm up of the muscles of the face.

Forehead Massage: Make fists on your forehead and use your knuckles fingers to massage out from the center to your temples. Apply light pressure–without dragging the skin–to improve circulation. This will decrease tension and relax the forehead muscle. You can also do this exercise with your fingertips.

Smooth Out the T-Zone: Now use the knuckle of your index finger to gently massage up from the tip of the nose, passing between your eyebrows and up to your hairline. Apply a little pressure to improve circulation.

Eye Circles: Now, use your index fingers to give short, light taps in the area around the eyes. Start above the eyebrow and move into the area surrounding the eye. Move through the cheeks, undereye, and nose and then return to your starting point. Remember to continue taking deep breaths throughout the process.

Tear Duct Pressure: Now, put your index fingers on your tear ducts and apply a little pressure. Take two deep breaths and slightly lower your fingers into the undereye region and out to your temples. Smooth the area out, but without dragging the skin.

V-Shaped Pressure: Now, put your index finger on one of your temples and your middle finger on a tear duct. Apply a little pressure. Look upward, creating tension with your eyebrows. Hold for a few seconds. Then, relax by looking downward and closing your eyes while continuing to apply pressure with your fingers.

Cheek Massage: Inflate your cheeks and use one hand to flatten out your mouth and the other hand to gently tap your cheeks without letting any air escape. Repeat with different hands and sides. Always remember to breathe to relax.

O’s and Smiles: Make a little “o” with your mouth and then smile. You will feel the tension of the muscles of the mouth and cheeks. This will help diminish wrinkles in the area and firm up the skin.

Swan Neck: Turn your head upward and place your hands on your jaw. Apply light pressure, dragging your fingertips from your jaw to your clavicle. Hold your fingertips on your clavicle for a few seconds while stretching the face upwards as much as possible.

Pressure Between the Brows: Now, place your index finger between your eyebrows and apply a little pressure. Take a deep breath. Rotate your finger clockwise while continuing to apply pressure and repeat in the opposite direction.

Jaw Pinches: Use your index fingers, middle fingers, and thumbs to pinch lightly from the jaw to the ears. This will help tone this area and release accumulated tension.

Pressure Behind the Ears: Using your index finger, apply a little pressure to the space behind the ears, right where your jaw ends. This will help you relax and release tension.

This Face Yoga routine will help you improve the condition of your skin. I recommend doing it every morning and before going to sleep. Remember that the most important thing is to be consistent. If your combine these exercises with a solid beauty routine, I am sure that the skin on your face and neck will look more radiant in no time.



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