There is nothing better than a white Christmas. That is why this year my family and I decided to escape the heat of Miami Beach and head to the winter wonderland of Vail in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Dear diary:

As you know, one of my favorite destinations is Vail. Not only is it the ideal place to ski, it’s also a little winter wonderland that looks like something out of a Christmas movie. It’s perfect for the holiday season. That’s why I decided to come enjoy the last days of the year in this wonderful city. Vail’s snowy landscapes are wonderful. It’s as if the cabins were made out gingerbread instead of wood. The trees get covered with snow and the streets are lit up with Christmas lights that look like twinkling stars.

We’ve had a lot of fun over the last week most fun. On Saturday I got to have a date night with husband. I treasure these moments when we get to be alone so much. Every day we hit the slopes. My oldest son practices non-stop and he looks like a professional out there. We’ve also had some great meals. I had great mussels, a salad with cheese, cherry tomatoes, and arugula, a grilled cheese with tomato, and delicious chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Without a doubt this week has been full of wonderful moments surrounded by the people I love the most. Yes, it’s been cold, but nothing that a good coat couldn’t fix.

On Friday, December 24, we enjoyed a family night at home. It snowed all day (30 hours in a row to be exact, and we decided not to go out at all. We played billiard games for a while—one of our favorite things to do—and, then, we relaxed in front of the fireplace to warm up while having a cup of hot chocolate. It was a lazy day, and after finishing our chocolate, we took a nap to recharge before our Christmas Eve dinner. For dinner, the whole family gathered in the dining room and enjoyed a delicious meal with turkey, mashed potatoes, glazed ham, and roasted vegetables. To finish off our delicious menu, we had gingerbread cookies and apple cake for dessert, which we accompanied with more hot chocolate. It was the perfect ending to one of the most wonderful days I could imagine with my family.

For dinner, I decided to wear a comfortable outfit that reflected the holiday spirit. I chose a mohair wool cardigan and mini skirt with leopard print in watermelon pink and black, both from Dolce & Gabbana, black tights from Wolford, and to complete the look, some classic Chanel slingbacks in coral. This look is comfortable, warm, and has the perfect amount of drama.

The next day, we celebrated Christmas with the arrival of Santa Claus. He ate all his cookies and drank his milk, and the reindeer enjoyed their carrots. Plus, they left bags full of gifts for my three little ones.

I hope your holiday season was as special as mine!

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