This week, I had the opportunity to escape to Big Sky in Montana, which was a dream. I spent a couple of exciting days skiing with friends. What a great way to start the year! 

Dear diary:

I enjoyed a few days of fun in the heart of the Spanish Peaks mountain range in Montana. Big Sky is considered one of the largest ski spots in the United States, and I must say that it is a winter wonderland where everything is covered in a veil of white thanks to the snow. Without a doubt, it is a unique experience and one that I 100% recommend putting on your bucket list of destinations for the year. I love to travel to the mountains, and I am a fan of skiing–the rush of adrenaline going down the slope, the icy weather, and the coziness of the cabins feels magical. 

Skiing is a task that requires certain clothes to keep us warm and protect us from low temperatures. They must also be aerodynamic and resistant. Without a doubt, this is a sport that requires functional attire, but that does not mean that we cannot see ourselves as cool and chic! One of my favorite ski clothing brands is Perfect Moment, so I chose a total look from this French ski clothing brand. I combined the Schild sweater in pistachio green wool with the Aurora trousers in faux leather and topped it all off with the houndstooth Apres Duvet and a pair of Davos gloves in leather and nylon. I finished off the outfit with a ski helmet, also from Perfect Moment, and white quilted leather boots from Prada.

My day started with a cup of coffee that I had on my bedroom balcony with a beautiful mountain view. The green pine trees contrasting against the white snow is a surreal panorama. I fueled up with a healthy breakfast that consisted of some delicious croissants, a bowl of strawberries with blueberries and some granola, and fresh orange juice and milk. I then went down to the lobby where I met my friends Jessica Wang, Cass Dimicco and Sai De Silva. We headed to the ski slopes where we enjoyed going down the mountain. Some of us are more expert and than others, who were just staring out at the beginner level (you know I’m already an expert, LOL). After spending a few hours skiing, which I loved so much, we returned to the Montage Big Sky hotel. We warmed up and recharge with a delicious burger and a side of French fries (my favorites!). We went back to the ski slopes for a while and finally ended our afternoon by the campfire enjoying some delicious s’mores. Because I was talking, my chocolate burned.

I went back to my hotel room, took a bath, and rested for a while. For dinner, I opted for an All American sporty look with a twist. I chose a Givenchy shearling jean jacket over a white Lululemon crop top and metallic Balmain pants. I wore white leather sneakers and a silver leather Classic Flap bag, both by Chanel. I went down to the restaurant, and I must confess that the dinner was delicious. For starters, there were chicken wings with buffalo sauce, wagyu nachos with cheese and guacamole, onion rings with whiskey mustard, and a trio of pizzas. For the main course had the Beartooth salad, grilled salmon with quinoa, grilled baby back ribs with a whiskey glaze, and lobster mac & cheese. This delicacy is simply out of this world.

After dinner, we explored the hotel a bit and found a bowling alley, where we took advantage and played for a while. The perfect way to end a spectacular day! After hitting one (or two) strikes, I decided to go up to my room and rest, because the next day would l be just as fun and tiring.



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