The collection was a mix of classic but re-invented silhouettes, it was all polished from head to toe even the models with that perfectly slicked hair and their nails; I’m not kidding about the nails you can see their brightness in pics.

A big bow and a razor cut shape suit, that was how the show started, the look was a perfectly match with the handwritten logomania F tights that Karl made itself, it felt very nostalgic, even the equestrian edwardian collar intermittent signature look was there. The layering of translucid fabrics, laser cut leather mixed with pleated skirts were genius. oh and how to forget the red F logo quilted-fanny pack bag with a big old golden Fendi buckle.

The Fendi collection felt really different, a show without it ́s creator…but it ́s not a goodbye to our dearest Karl, it ́s a see you soon.

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