The Spring 2021 collection from Salvatore Ferragamo reinterprets the brand’s classic logo in the “F-Heel,” and I have to say, I’m already obsessed with it.

The F-Heel from Ferragamo was one of the “stars” of a short film directed by Luca Guadagnino for this Italian brand, and when watching it, I fell in love. The aesthetic of the film is inspired by Alfred Hitchcock, and the shoes stole the show.  

It’s not surprising that we started seeing this silhouette from Creative Director, Paul Andrew, as of last September’s show. Andrew has always expressed an interest in the historical archives of the brand and has said that he visits them frequently to get inspiration. But, why choose this silhouette among so many other iconic Ferragamo styles?

Ferragamo’s F-Heels

The F-Heel from Ferragamo is definitely unique from a design perspective, but also a historical one. We must understand the past in order to understand the present. This heel was a product of the mind of the master shoemaker after his transatlantic trip from the United States to Italy. When the shoes were launched in 1947, they were known as the “invisible sandal” because women seemed to float when they wore them. Soon, this shoe was given the name the F-Wedge, and today, we started in on this new chapter of the brand’s history with the presentation of the F-Heel.

It’s wild how something invented over 70 years ago can still be so modern today. The F-Heel from Ferragamo is my latest obsession. It’s a revamping of the classic wedge sandal and is sure to become one of this season’s must-haves. 

Ferragamo’s F-Heels
Ferragamo’s F-Heels
F-heel, 1947

Paul Andrew says that this new heel is perfect for encapsulating the “Hitchcockian” suspense that inspired the collection. “I set out to create a modern sequel to the classic, timeless shoe from Ferragamo by adding new layers of sustainability and technical innovation to the brilliant original,” he said when talking about the new F-Heel. He also adds that the design is 100% the brand’s creation and that he simply reinterpreted it.

This season, we’ll see this shoe in three different styles. First, we’ll see peep toes in four different colors: Hedren Green, Technicolor Yellow, Carrara Marble White, and black Nappa leather with pearls. We’ll also see a second variant: strappy sandals in baby blue and pastel pink tones. Finally, we’ll see the classic leather slingbacks in brown, black, and pearly white.

Ferragamo’s F-Heels

Each of these shoes is gorgeous and timeless. The F-Heel from Ferragamo is my new obsession. Paul Andrew has been able to keep the essence of Salvatore Ferragamo, the shoemaker of the stars, alive. In the pret-a-porter collection, we’ll see bags, shoes, and accessories that combine Hollywood glamour and Italian craftmanship for that look that is so inherent to this brand.

And just like with any great film, we end on a completely unexpected turn: the announcement that Paul Andrew has decided to move on and say goodbye to Ferragamo. It’s a bittersweet piece of news because I’ve loved what this English designer has done for the brand since he arrived on the scene in 2016. That’s why I’m sure that the F-Heel will make Salvatore Ferragamo history as one of the all-time greatest hits of this Italian brand. 

I know that Salvatore Ferragamo’s future is uncertain, but I’m sure that it will be brilliant. What I know right now is that I’m in love with the F-Heel. It’s the perfect mix of what this Italian fashion house stands for: timeless design, comfort, and classic luxury.



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