So, it’s been a week since online classes started for my three children and it’s been a week of adjustments… lets say, but we’re staying optimistic. Some days ago, I was talking in my IG stories about the challenges of back to school in a distance learning modality with three little kids, and let me tell you this has been kind of chaotic! Organizing schedules, iPads, computers, materials, zooms and everything else you can think of in between, hasn’t been the easiest thing to do, but I’m glad to report that step by step, we’re getting through!

No doubt this is a stressful situation for the whole family (even the pets!) and I want to share with you what little tips have been helping my family and I to see the bright side of this situation and keep in mind that this also too shall pass!

I think the first tip I could give you if you’re in a similar situation, is not to get overwhelmed. I know there are many things you need to do and sometimes it seems you have to do all of them at the same time, and that could be just too much! Here’s where prioritizing can literally save your sanity. Make lists with all the things you and the kids need to do and from there decide which activities are urgent and which ones can wait a little longer. This listing process also can help you teach your kids how to organize themselves, even if you think they’re too young to understand methods, believe me, they are learning. And breaking all the things you have to do into manageable pieces will stop you from being overwhelmed.

It’s also important to remember that even if this remote learning is stressful for you, the ones who are really going through an adjustment period, are your children. And kids are much more resilient than we give them credit for, however its our job as parents to make things manageable for them and one thing that is working with my kids is setting up a proper space for them to have their classes, as that helps them get focused. For kids as young as mine, it is recommended that they have a routine every day to provide them with a sense of stability so they can also have the certainty of knowing what is expected form them and when.

And last but not least, what has helped me to see this as an opportunity to grow, is remembering that my kids are very young still and that although it is important for them to learn certain skills that will make their lives easier in the future, their principal “job” right now, is being happy kids that learn as they play and that putting too much pressure on them is counterproductive in all ways imaginable.

Are you also a kind of stressed parent with this year’s back to school? How has it been for you? Let me know, remember that us parents need to be united to keep each other sane!



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