For the Cruise show season, Alessandro Michele opened the doors to his guests so that they could explore the “Cosmogonie” from a spectacular castle in Puglia.

As part of its 100 year celebrations, the Italian house of Gucci continues to show off its strength with a presentation entitled:Gucci Cosmogonie—of course, under the vision of its creative director Alessandro Michele, who revolutionized the brand upon his arrival in 2015. From the name of the show, you can get an idea of ​​what was in store. The word “Cosmogonie” comes from mythology and explains how the universe was formed.

The show was held at the Castel del Monte, famous for its octagonal shape built by Emperor Federico II of Subia and located on top of a hill in Apulia Murgia, southern Italy, about 540 meters above sea level. Thanks to its location, Castel del Monte represents the intersection of peoples, cultures, civilizations and religions that characterize the Mediterranean region.

The collection is inspired by the friendship between Hannah Arendt and Walter Benjamin, the Jewish philosophers who met in Paris while fleeing Germany. In the show’s press releases, Michele shared his reflections on Benjamin’s work, whom he praised for his ability to illuminate otherwise invisible connections. “What can seem, at first sight, atomised and dispersed, like stars in the sky, through Benjamin’s eyes become an assembly of complicity,” Alessandro wrote, exploring his belief that everything is interconnected.

Those attending the show received a very unusual and above all, celestial, welcome gift. The brand adopted a star for each guest, so that they can remember the Gucci Cosmogonie experience every time they look up at the night sky. Among the guests were Dakota Johnson, Lana Del Rey, Elle Fanning, Måneskin and Jodie Turner-Smith. Of course, the main star was the clothing: velvet dresses, high collars, thigh-high boots, looks that lend to flashes of skin, capes and big hats. The show closed with a dress covered in stars and constellations. In short, it was a celebration of Alessandro’s very unique way of seeing fashion.



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