These are the trending haircuts and colors for fall. Good news: there’s something for every style and personality.

This year, fall represents new beginnings. It is time to leave behind the difficulties of recent months, and what better way to do so than with a new hairstyle? A change in one’s hairstyle is often associated with taking on new challenges and goals, and it doesn’t have to be a radical change, either. You can switch up the color of your hair or just the style, but first, be sure to learn about the season’s trends. Here’s a list of the haircuts and colors that will be a hit in the coming months.

This season is full of different styles that suit the needs and tastes of everyone: different colors, lengths, and even the return of some popular trends from the early aughts. Dare to make a radical change, play, and experiment. This season there are no limits; the most important thing is to have fun!

Flaming Red

Try out this vibrant, energetic hair color. It can range from a reddish-brown tone that’s almost  brown to terracotta to a more fiery red that makes your hair stand out. This is not a color for the faint of heart; it’s for someone who wants to stand out and get some attention. It’s a striking hair color will up your self-confidence.

Sweet Caramel

A color between blonde and brown that’s perfect for the season. This tone looks natural and lets your face stand out. Go for a look that combines different shades like gold, ochre, caramel, and ash. This will create shine and add volume and movement to your hair.

Platinum Blonde

This shade evokes the style and glamor of old Hollywood. It’s a color that will illuminate your face and give it a unique glow. Dye your hair light blonde with some gold tones, but go with platinum highlights to give it greater depth. This color is perfect for long or short hair and any skin type. Bet on a classic. 

Bangs Bangs

Bangs are back this season and more popular than ever. This season’s twist is a “curtain effect,” in which the bangs are parted at the middle. This new style looks easier and more natural. You can wear the bangs super short to make a statement or opt for a more versatile length that allows you to pull back your bangs when you want a cleaner look. 

The Bob is Back

The haircut popularized by people like Anna Wintour and Victoria Beckham has returned. This cut leaves your neck visible—so that your accessories will always be seen–and exposes the clavicle for a slimming effect. This season’s bobs are both straight and asymmetrical. They are perfect for women with straight hair, but they work on curly hair, too. Bobs are endlessly versatile.

Long Hair

Long hair looks spectacular, and it’s one of this season’s top hairstyles. It’s the most freeing style because it’s so versatile: you can go for a sleek straight look or let it hang natural and shine. For this cut, you’ll need to take good care of your hair and keep it looking silky and voluminous to achieve maximum impact with your look.

Messy Waves

The season is all about the natural look and the best way to get it is with a wavy mane. This style is effortless, and while, at a first glance, it may seem simple, it really isn’t. This haircut can be layered to give your hair more volume or blunt cropped for a more bohemian vibe. The trick is to achieve that beach hair look that’s so carefree

A la Peter Pan

The pixie cut is one that many are afraid to try out, but it actually suits most, and it’s been all over the season’s runways. A haircut whose practicality is unmatched, the pixie allows us to achieve a fresh, sexy look in a comfortable way. Simply comb your hair, experiment with some accessories, and get a look that’s equal parts rebellious and chic.

Comfort and simplicity are key for the upcoming fall season. The good thing is that there are a variety of haircuts and colors that fall into this category, so there is something for everyone. Remember that the cut you choose should make you feel comfortable and confident; it should be something that you like and feel authentic wearing.



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