It’s all about leather. Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, the designer of the most important house in leather articles, used the first Hermès scarf prints for this season that seem to have a personal inspiration.
Knee-length pencil skirts with studs, long-sleeved printed silk shirts and shorts styled with high suede boots with a wide heels that shine.

What a way to work leather by giving it an effect so that it looks like a textile, besides using the best quality materials, it also lasts for many years.
She combines calf leather and camel hair with goose feather interiors for heavy coats. The orange color and the H logo that represents the house continues to completely remain on the catwalk.

The showstopper, undoubtedly, are the bags. Some of them were big which the models carried embracing them with both arms and others were miniature crossbodies.
We love the fact that it keeps the modern and contemporary designs. It’s the first time that these elements of simplicity are mixed with symmetrical and architectural cuts and the elegance always remains.

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