A tailored suit is a must for any wardrobe. For the Fall 21 season, there’s a new power suit in town and the rules of old do not apply.

Nowadays, it’s very common to see two or three-piece suits as part the world’s best fashion designers’ collections for women, but this was not always the case. The tailored suit was an invention of the world of men’s fashion, but with the passage of time and changes in society, suits became a kind of armor for women. Coco Chanel is credited with creating the first suit for women in the 1920s; her tweed jacket and skirt combo was revolutionary for women’s fashion. It was the first time that a men’s garment was reinvented to look feminine. Years later, in the 60s, Yves Saint Laurent decided to create the first tuxedo for women, thus opening a door to world in which women felt empowered but still alluring when wearing a typically male garment. Suddenly the suit was not just for men; it became a symbol of power for modern women.

Suits are no longer a trend, they are a staple for any woman’s wardrobe. Season after season, we see new versions of the look, and in the Fall 21 collections we’re seeing the birth of a new era for the female power suit. Neutrals are out and the new pieces are full of color: energetic hues ranging from bright red to bubblegum pink or baby blue. These new shades allow suits to adapt to a variety of women’s lifestyles. They can be combined with a white shirt and sneakers for the office or worn with a bralette and classic stilettos for a night on the town.

Today, there are no rules for the female suit. Designers have decided that the most important thing it to make power suit that fit different personalities. The options range from perfectly tailored suits or oversized garments that give off a more casual look. Like contemporary women, today’s suits come in a wide variety of styles and silhouettes.

A power suit should be a piece in which you feel comfortable, strong, and free. It’s modern armor that allows women to take on whatever challenge this world throws at them.

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