As what it seems to be a tradition, at the foot of the illuminated Eiffel Tower we all sat to appreciate the new collection designed by Anthony Vaccarello. What a thrill! 

The runway was completely dark, no lights. The models began appearing, one by one illuminated by a white circle-shaped light that followed each model as they walked by, and then they disappeared.

Undoubtedly, the showstoppers tonight were the tight latex materials in blouses, trousers, dresses and up to the knee boots that where combined with large and oversized pieces on the top. Vaccarello gave this collection a feminine and sensual style, emphasizing the female silhouette, and what better example than the mid-calf dresses with very subtle ruffles. Some other pieces were so tight that they appeared to be painted on the model’s skin. 

In total contrast with the catwalk, that was completely black, Anthony proposed a way less sober color palette than what we are used to, rather a colorful one in purple, pink, berry, green, orange and ochre gold, all mixed and matched in the outfits. I was surprised not to see a lot more of black, but it was a pleasant surprise. 

Details are an essential part of every look and I loved the black heels with ribbons tied to the ankles, big necklaces of golden chain, ruffles around the necklines in dresses and blouses, everything was on point.

As usually during fashion week, I was running late for this show and when I was putting on the dress my zipper got stuck, and there wasn’t anything any of us could do to unstuck it and sadly I couldn’t wear it. Fortunately, I had a plan B: I wore a white silk dress with feathers, matching tights and stilettos with glitters on the heel and I absolutely loved it! For my makeup I wanted red lips and wore YSL Tatouage lip stain, for my hair a I did a high bun. What do you think about my plan B look?

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