A definitive guide to the facial treatments you should get in 2022. Give your skin a boost of luminosity and hydration with most requested and effective cabin procedures.

Going to get a facial or cabin treatment for your skin is definitely a form of self-care. We all like to get a boost of a hydrated, healthy skin and prevent aging. Everyone’s skin and needs are different, and of course, this affects what kind of aesthetic medicine treatments that we can get. Here’s a guide with some of my favorite options. Enjoy!


This facial rejuvenation treatment is suitable for both men and women. In just one session, you get obtain clean, toned, fresh, and hydrated skin via a pleasant experience. It is one of the most sought-after treatments since it has multiple benefits without any side effects. In addition, you can find it in almost every city and in many beauty centers.

Oxygen facial 

Oxygen hydration treatment can improve all skin types, even the most damaged. It is a great way to moisturize the skin, and its effectiveness lies in the combination of technology and cosmetics specific to each type of skin. The facial has several steps: creams, serums, massages, masks, led light, and a dose of pure pressurized oxygen. 

Magic facial with drainage

Our  faces—not just our bodies—retain fluids so it is important to help reduce fluid retention. There are treatments like the Magic Facial to help. This procedure defines contours, stimulates collagen production, and has an instant lifting effect (which also looks super natural). A mask is applied at the end that gives a boost of hydration and luminosity. This is a very quick 30-minute facial–ideal for when you have an event and want to go with a fresh face.

Imperial Chan Facial

If what you are looking for is an instant lifting effect, this facial is the answer. Chinese sticks work to massage the deep muscles of the face while toning and draining. In addition, superficial wrinkles are eliminated via oxygenation and stimulating microcirculation that provides all the nutrients your skin needs. This treatment helps eliminate the dull look and is perfect for before a special event. It also includes a caviar and collagen mask that regenerates the skin, a floral tonic that balances the PH, and gentle exfoliation, so that the products can penetrate better. What I like most about this treatment is that it is accompanied by a massage of the face, neck, head, and body. A delight!



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