Attentiveness allows us to live with greater awareness, and movement can help us train our capacity to stay in the moment. We can all the mental stillness to live serenely.

When you hear the word “meditation,” you may immediately think of someone sitting in the lotus position and saying “ommm” with their eyes closed. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. There are many ways to reach a state of mindfulness. “If you remain aware, everything you do will be meditation,” said the Osho Buddha. Buddhism teaches that part of our dissatisfaction with life has to do with the fact that we’re forget to perceive the beauty of the world. The tool that counteracts this is conscious attention.

For humanity, sacred acts have always implied movement–whether long pilgrimages, in which walkers trek long distances to holy sites, or tribal dances, in participants reach a trance-like state and higher level of awareness. Meditating is not a technique; it is a state in which you can simply exist, without judgment, without thinking about what you do, with what you feel or what you think. It is a state of greater awareness that promotes the feeling of being in contact with what is essential.

There are many types of dynamic meditations. In all of them, you get in touch with yourself through movement. Inner consciousness starts with the mental aspect, then moves through emotional ones and finally reaches the physical ones. We must remain completely attentive, paying attention to our breathing and the intention of what we are doing, regardless of whether that action is running a marathon, surfing or practicing a sport. You can also do yoga, paint mandalas, dance, or simply cook with passion.

The good news is that finding that state of fulfillment is within everyone’s reach, whether you’re a high-performance or amateur athlete, entrepreneur, mother, or artist. Try taking a conscious walk. Breathing mindfully opens your mind to new spaces and allows moments of meditation to arise naturally. Those moments of tranquility and inner peace give us a sense of well-being that helps us in our daily lives and provides us with benefits like self-acceptance, self-confidence, positive thinking and improved physical, emotional, and mental performance.



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