Many people dream of the moon and the stars. It seems this season the designers have done the same. The hottest bag shape of the season is that of a crescent.

Season after season, bags become the “it” accessories of the moment. In the Spring 22 collections there was a trend that quickly took over the catwalks: the half-moon shaped bag. We saw this silhouette from brands like Dior with its Dior Vibe in white leather with a Cannage finish, Fendi with its new Fendigraphy bag, Givenchy with its Moon Cut Out bag, Lanvin with its hobo version of its Cat Bag, and Prada with its popular Cleo bag. Each had a different feel but was the same shape, a crescent.

This shape has been around for decades, but we see it come back from time to time thanks to its functionality, classic elegance, and timeless beauty. Crescent bags are more than just a bag, they’re a symbol of modern femininity.

It is interesting that this bag shape has been chosen for the season, since the half moon is a symbol of change. We see this shape in nature and ancient cultures, and it is normally associated with a time of metamorphosis. This is the perfect way to represent the time of change where in: evolving, learning, and moving forward. All of this is represented by the crescent shape.

But beyond the symbolism of the shape, I love this type of bag for its practicality. They are bags that we can wear on the shoulder, as a clutch or on the forearm. The shape creates a beautiful silhouette on the shoulder and as a clutch, they turn into a wearable sculpture. Crescent-shaped bags are charms of timeless sophistication.

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