For her Spring 22 collection, Miuccia Prada gave us a carefree, sexy take on uniforms and the preppy aesthetic. 

The Miu Miu woman has always been characterized as Prada’s little sister, a slightly younger version who likes to have fun, experiment with clothing, and rarely follow the rules. She likes outfits that are full of color and reflect optimism, so each Miu Miu collection is full of modern and slightly more relaxed clothes.

Miuccia surprised us with her Spring 22 collection, which nodded to the preppy style starting with the very first look that came down the runway. We saw knit sweaters, pleated skirts, trench coats, two-piece suits, and vests that reinterpreted the collegiate look: a style so linked to American universities that it’s no longer so much a style than it is an entire way of life. But, Miu Miu’s take wasn’t that of the typical preppy look of the ‘30s; this new version is sexy and irreverent.

The rebellious spirit of the line manifested itself in frayed and raw hems on shirts, skirts, sweaters, dresses, and jackets, which gave the impression that the garments were cut right before going on the runway. We also saw short hems–both on tops and bottoms—which took us back to the mini-skirts and crop tops of the nineties. Miu Miu is telling us that we will eventually return to our schools and offices, though not in conventional wool tailored suits but oversized silhouettes. This collection is super sexy but also plays with the idea of ​​layers as a way of covering up; it is a clash of two ideas and, in the end, they represent comfort and safety. 

Each of the garments in the Spring 22 collection was sensational and uniquely versatile, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Among my favorites were the gray knit sweater over a cobalt blue dress shirt with a mini miniskirt (the lower part pockets left visible) combined with a brown leather belt and a pair of two-tone loafers with high socks. An outfit worthy of Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, or Paris Hilton circa 2000. On the more formal side of the collection, we saw elegant garments with crystals and embroidered appliques, such as a black suit (with a sexy glimpse of skin between the top and bottom,) paired with loafers and socks. I also loved the beaded green satin slip dress with embroidered crystals and the baby blue mini dress with a raw hem–both paired with loafers. These models are right on the line between elegance and comfort.

This was a collection that presented us with a different side of sexiness: the kind that’s the result of freedom. Miuccia gave us outfits that she clearly had fun creating, and we can see the joy in each of them. The Spring 22 Miu Miu collection transforms the aesthetics of the past through the aesthetics of newer generations, giving way to clothing that we all can love.



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