The end of the year is the perfect occasion to look for a new scent. There are many traditions and superstitions for New Year’s Eve, and one that I love is starting the new year with a new fragrance.

Wearing perfume is one of the easiest ways to turn heads. When you leave or enter a room, the enigmatic scent of a perfume can announce your arrival or departure. And, perfumes remind us of the people who wear them. Fragrances are very powerful. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But, a scent is worth a lifetime of memories. 

You might already have preferred fragrance or signature scent, but it’s a good idea to rotate between a few perfumes based on your mood and the type of day you’re having. For me it is very difficult to wear the same perfume every day. In fact, sometimes I need a different one for morning and night. A fragrance must reflect how we feel at that moment, so choose one based on the occasion.

One of my traditions for New Year’s Eve is to get a new perfume. A new fragrance promises new beginnings, new adventures, and good fortune–all the things we expect from the new year to come. Wearing a new scent doesn’t mean you have to stop using your other perfumes; it just means that you have a new “color” in your box of “scent crayons.” Follow my lead and try a new scent on the last evening of 2021. Here are some of the aromas that have come on my radar and have been a hit this year for their unique notes.  

Voce Viva from Valentino

This perfume encapsulates the enigmatic DNA of the Italian brand. Voce Viva is a fragrance that comes in a V-shaped bottle that reflects light across the surface of the golden liquid for a unique glow. The aroma of this Valentino perfume is composed of jasmine, a touch of moss and mandarin, and hints of vanilla, orange blossom, and Italian bergamot.

L’Interdit Rouge from Givenchy

The intense aroma of Sicilian blood orange comes together with Tasmanian pepper and gives way to notes of orange blossom, jasmine, patchouli, and sandalwood. A symphony of intense scents makes up this new perfume in the L’Interdit collection from Givenchy. The fragrance evokes intense passion and white-hot sensuality.

Aura Pink Magnolia from Loewe

This fragrance pays tribute to the greatness of nature. From the wooden stopper to a bottle with gold-flecked paint strokes, this perfume’s presentation is captivating. Berries, sandalwood, musk, and (the star ingredient) magnolia flower come together in this enchanting perfume. Aura Pink Magnolia is a fragrance full of mystery, lightness, and femininity–elements that characterize any woman.

J’Adore from Dior

More than a fragrance, this perfume is an icon. The bottle emulates the beauty of the female form, and the ad campaign starring Charlize Theron is one of the most enigmatic and memorable of all time. Notes of jasmine and cananga flower mix with hints of Damascus rose to create the J’Adore fragrance. It’s an exquisite floral scent that evokes the opulence and luxury of Dior in every drop. 

Born in Roma from Valentino

This fragrance is a tribute to the greatness of Rome and the Italian brand Valentino. Its bottle resembles the impressive architecture of the city, and the liquid inside faithfully represents Valentino with floral and woody notes. Born in Roma captivates us with a powerful scent that reflects the personality of a modern, strong, and adventure-loving woman.



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