Modern, creative, and impressive are the perfect words to describe the fifth day of New York Fashion Week. The Fall 22 collections are incomprable.

Over the last five days, we’ve seen incredible collections that are proof of the great expertise and creativity of our favorite designers. New York Fashion Week continues to surprise us, and today was no exception. We saw how classic American sportswear was reinterpreted for our times. Designers are creating garments in which versatility is key—these are designs that adapt to the lifestyle of today’s woman and can move from day to night, from the office to a night out. There were elements sequins and rhinestones, but not just in evening wear and athleisure—they are now part of women’s day-to-day uniforms.

On the fifth day of New York Fashion Week, we saw two interesting collections that gave us a sneak peek into the future of the industry. First, we saw a collection from Gabriela Hearst, the Uruguayan designer who has won over Manhattan, and Peter Do, a designer from Vietnam who has positioned himself as the future of fashion. Both presented their Fall 22 collections, full of captivating outfits that told a story about a promising future for the fashion industry.

Gabriela Hearst

Born in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst mixes craftsmanship with luxury. Gabriela Hearst has stood out thanks to her passion for creating a sustainable brand. Since 2015, when she presented her first collection under her eponymous brand, her designs and philosophy have managed to win over the heart of customers and fashion editors. For Garbriela Hearst, it’s super important to respect materials from start to finish. She seeks to reduce the impact that the industry has on the environment and help to the communities with which she collaborates. Gabriela Hearst’s collections tell us a deeper story; they are not just sets of beautifully tailored clothing, they are all about craftsmanship, dedication, and the places from which they come. For this Falll 22 collection, Gabriela invites us to dream of a hopeful future.

The collection that Gabriela Hearst presented today at New York Fashion Week was pure poetry on sumptuous textile materials–beautiful garments full of color. The colors reminded me of an impressive sunrise. The outfits shone in yellow, orange, and reddish tones with black and white accents. It was true spectacle that brought happiness into the room.

From the first look that came down the runway – a black leather coat with knit details – we knew what we were in for: classic outfits with a twist. Slip dresses were adorned with leather lace panels that took them from basic to sensational, and then, there were crocheted, ankle-length gowns with a transparent vibe. This collection gave us beautiful clothes full of simple elegance that allowed the women who wear them to shine. 

Peter Do

This designer is relatively new to the industry, with a brand that was established in 2018.  But, in this short time, Peter Do has become one of the most popular brands. What gets everyone’s attention when it comes to this new player in the industry is his way of doing things at his own pace. It wasn’t until last season that Peter Do presented his first fashion show. Any prior collections had been presented in his atelier in one-on-one meetings. But all that has changed, and Peter Do’s second runway show has solidified him as one of the greats.

Today, this Vietnamese designer presented his collection entitled “Foundation” at New York Fashion Week. It was a collection that set the tone for the brand’s future. For this collection, Peter Do got introspective about his goals and his passion for fashion. He brought back some silhouettes from his first collection, making certain alterations that would bring them to this new stage of his career. It is a collection that reflects his evolution as a designer and as a person, in which each element is meticulously curated.

This new beginning comes to us in the form of clothing with clean lines, timeless designs, and maximum elegance. Classics such as the white shirt, the cashmere coat, the tailored suit, and the Little Black Dress have been updated to fill out oversized silhouettes that give each look a casual air. Wool, shearling, denim, and cotton come together in Peter Do’s Fall 22 collection. Each of the outfits gave off a sense of timeless elegance—instead of following trends, they were full of classic style. Their beauty lies in their simplicity, but that simplicity is not an easy to achieve. That’s the beauty of Peter Do. His brand, his clothing, and his persona are a breath of fresh air that reminds us that sometimes we need to stop and admire the simplest things in life.



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