The models arrived at first with black and white tweed jackets that step by step they became into large mohair sweaters styled with wrinkled gloves and I ́m pretty sure that underneath there was a knife over-the-knee Balenciaga like boots from the same material as the gloves. The boots and the gloves were a beautiful and contrasting detail that completed the collection in almost every way.

One of the most remarkable looks was a bright white dress splattered with little roses on it, adjusted by the waist with a white band from the same material as the dress. This dress gave the illusion of depth as the fabric moves with the body it creates wrinkles that made the fabric look darker with every move the model make, a beautiful visual effect indeed.

This collection was a Guess Who? – ying yang game and here’s why; at first sight it all seem a little sober but If you see one by one how the models were arriving to the stage and pay attention to the styling it all make sense. Most of the collection was made around black, Prussian blue, caramel and white and almost every fabric were vynil, silk, mohair and oversized silhouettes.

The styling and colors were centered in pairs and triads as the models arrived depending on the color and textile palette with some exceptions, for example after the white dress that I described earlier, it arrived a contrasting pair but instead pearlish color boots…they were black with the same rose pattern as the white dress, why? Because this one doesn’t cover the neck, arms or cleavage, so in this case the model skin play the role of the pearl boots.

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