Maria Grazia Chiuri reinterprets preppy aesthetics in a fresh and modern collection.  The Dior Fall 22 collection is a combination of Parisian allure and youthful rebellion.

Since her arrival at Dior as creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri has transformed the French brand into a powerful bastion of women, femininity, and empowerment. In graphic t-shirts and slogans, she has conveyed her vision of today’s woman and the world she inhabits.  The Dior Fall 22 collection falls into the same universe.

 For the Dior Fall 22 collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri decided to seek inspiration from the personal life of Monsieur Christian Dior, specifically the women who had an impact on the great couturier’s life.  Like the recently published book Miss Dior, A Story of Courage and Couture by Justine Picardie, which tells the story of Dior’s sister, Catherine, this collection highlights women who had an effect on the designer’s life and work—the community of women who supported and inspired Christian Dior from his childhood to his deathbed.  Powerful, creative and beautiful women who gave their support and love to Christian Dior.  His confidants, his muses, his family.

 This group of women – Catherine Dior, Mizza Bricard, Raymonde Zehnacker, Marguerite Carré and Suzanne Luling – serve as inspiration for Maria Grazia.  All this sisterhood inspired her to transform the Dior family business emblem into a modern coat of arms that represents the sisterhood of the women who surrounded Christian Dior in his life. A modern symbol of femininity, union and power, crowned with the phrase “L’union fait la force,” which we could see in different garments, bags, and accessories from the brand’s Fall 22 collection.

 That feeling of sisterhood is the starting point for the Dior Fall 22 collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s mind and her creative process took her into the universe of preppy aesthetics and schoolgirl uniforms.  For the Italian designer, uniforms represent a unique duality in clothing.  They are garments that aim to homogenize a group of people, but at the same time they are blank canvases  the wearer can personalize through certain elements, transforming them into outfits that reflect her personality.  It is this same contrast that we find in Dior’s DNA, from its beginnings with its “New Look” and its tight silhouette – which many would think oppressed women – but that actual became a symbol of revolution, freedom, and femininity.

 Under her vision, classic uniforms are transformed into modern pieces for the Dior Fall 22 collection. Plaid print gives way to more rebellious British-influenced tartan print, punk elements in tulle and black lace. Transparencies and leather garments or puffer jackets give the collection a more irreverent and carefree vibe.  We see clear references to school uniforms but reinterpreted for a more chic and cool generation.  We find mesh mini dresses in metallic iridescent pink with a raw hems that can be worn over a white shirt and skirt, as well as a bralette and shorts. We see the classic school pleated skirt infused with yellow tartan print featuring the brand’s logo and paired with an oversized mohair sweater—all characteristic elements of the American preppy style but designed under the irreverent and rebellious vision of the London punk aesthetic with a touch of Parisian elegance.

 The Dior Fall 22 collection combines all the modern spirit that Maria Grazia Chiuri is known for. We found that element of belonging, but at the same time individuality, femininity and masculinity, legacy and avant-garde.  Each of these garments makes up the uniform of a new generation that seeks to make change to build a better future.



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