Black and white, two opposite colors, but, at the same time, inseparable. Have you ever stopped to think about all the possibilities offered by these textbook basics? Join me today to find out.

I constantly think of Karl Lagerfeld’s quote that says that one is never underdressed or overdressed with a little black dress (excuse the rhyme). A closet without black garments is not complete; it is practically an unwritten fashion rule that we must have at least a couple of basic items in dark tones, and, therefore, others in white, just to complement. It’s not just me, but also countless celebrities who have gone down in history with dreamy two-tone outfits, ranging from the most casual —to spend the day at home— to the most chic —for a night out with friends. A quick Google search will make you love this winning mix even more!

The versatility of these two colors is taken for granted, and we never really think about how great their value is in our lives, and how well they fit in almost every situation. If you ask me, black and white total looks, brightness and absence, should be much more common: and I’m not just talking about matching jeans and blouses, or wearing a single color dress. I’m talking about wearing white or black from head to toe (unless you’re looking for a wedding outfit, in which case, please avoid any color that even slightly resembles white: no pearl, ivory, or similar, absolutely not!) Glasses, high heels, hats, gloves, even socks! Let nothing stop you from entering into the color block trend. How about trying the combination of a mini dress with that trendy plunging neckline, cat-eye sunglasses with a slight ivory detail, and finishing it off with over-the-knee boots? I definitely want to give it a try.

Now, if you’re not into “uniforms” (I get it, to each their own), try a game of contrasts and highlights: how about combining black garments with glasses, a headband and a bag, all in white, to bring the eyes to your accessories? Or the other way around, it’s up to you and the limit doesn’t exist. Maybe you want to draw attention to a specific part? Say, your upper body? I’ve got the perfect bodysuit right here, which if you pair with these stretchy crepe pants, I promise you’ll achieve your goal.

With these two combinations we also find a lot of prints, from serious to fun. Personally, I’m fascinated by polka dots, which with all-black leather clogs look wonderful, without stealing each other’s spotlight. And, of course, you don’t have to stop there. Although I invite you to try contrasts of just black and white, to exploit your imagination (if what worries you is to always look the same, there are incredible sculptural designs that enhance from the bust with giant flowers or bows, with transparencies or pleats create pleasing textures to the eye) it never hurts to add some extra touches of color, such as red or lilac. So, here below, in addition to my choice of ideal pieces to join this obsession with black and white, I also leave you a few more garments to add variety to the mix. Don’t forget to share with me the outfits you put together following these tips!

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