Alexandre Vauthier dazzled us with a collection full of sparkles, velvet, feathers, and sequins.  The designer’s Spring 2022 Couture collection was a sea of ​​excess opulence and elegance.

 Glamour, sophistication, and sexy: the three words thaj best describe not only the Spring 2022 Couture collection, but any Alexandre Vauthier collection.  The French designer has always been characterized by his hypersexualized silhouettes, rebellious spirit, and savoir faire in the creation of garments for women.  All these elements have made him one of the favorite couturiers of celebs like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Madonna, to name a few.  Vauthier understands the female form and makes garments that complement the natural beauty of those who wear them.  Each of his designs are a kind of armor that gives us a new layer of security, confidence, and sensuality.

 This sophisticated irreverence and sexy elegance is what inspires Alexandre Vauthier as he creates and designs each of his namesake brand’s outfits.  For the Spring 2022 Couture collection we saw a strong, independent, self-confident woman.  The models were dressed in clothes that could be worn in everyday life, but with a touch of glamor that elevated each look.  We saw two-piece suits re-imagined in sumptuous velvet in shades of red, black, and gray.  There were sexy dresses with transparencies that revealed lingerie with rhinestones.  Then, there were oversized ombré costs and jacket and skirt sets with paillettes.  Thus collection was full of opulence—everywhere we looked there was an almost decadent degree of sophistication.

 In keeping with Alexandre Vauthier’s DNA, the location was the perfect place for a super chic and exclusive rave (the ultimate party venue!): a warehouse with an industrial aesthetic, exposed brick walls, and huge metal windows.  All this created the perfect atmosphere for reflecting Vauthier’s indomitable spirit, something that was reinforced by the electronic music that accompanied the models as they walked the catwalk.  Undoubtedly one of the most über chic fashion shows of Haute Couture week.  It is this same spirit that we sad reflected in the collection. The garments were a mixture of different eras that have been considered some of the most scandalous, daring and irreverent in history.  We saw iconic flapper silhouettes in the silver mini dress with embroidered sparkling sequins and fringe and the look in teal with paillettes, ruffle details on the skirt, and deep V neckline.  We saw velvet jackets with pronounced shoulder pads that were characteristic of the 1940s and, finally, maxi dresses full of sequins and feathers that reminded us of the disco era of the 70s. A true mix of festive and celebratory energy.

 Alexandre Vauthier gave us a collection full of life, where the common denominator of each of the outfits was celebration.  And we love it! Just recall the long-sleeved mesh dress with rhinestones and feather details with baby pink  trim or the romper with feathers in red and black tones.  Each of these beautifully designed and tailored garments were captivating and provocative.  The entire collection is perfect for modern times.  In this new decade, we seek out adventure, fun and freedom—qualities embedded in Alexandre Vauthier’s Spring 2022 Couture collection.

 Alexandre Vauthier is one of the designers who has shown that they understand the needs of modern women. His creations manage to highlight the female body and exalt its beautiful features in a natural way.  His designs, in addition to being flattering for the woman who wears them, are also a testimony to the best of Haute Couture.  The Spring 2022 Couture collection was a party that celebrated life and new beginnings.



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