This month, the perfect color palette is metallic. Makeup is full of magnificent cosmic shades that transform us into interstellar beings.

One of the strongest trends we saw for makeup on the Fall 21 runways was metallic shades. We saw these hues in shadows, nail polishes, lipsticks, blushes, and eyeliners. It’s no wonder this kind of futuristic makeup is making a comeback this season. Space fever has returned, thanks to Elon Musk and Artemis’s SpaceX, NASA’s next mission to the Moon. Once again, humanity has its eyes set on outer space, and fantasies about alien worlds have returned to society’s collective mind.

This fascination with stars, planets and all things from outer space has brought back the futuristic aesthetic of the sixties, popularized by designers like Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne. That avant-garde mood that conquered Hollywood and the world of haute couture is having a moment again, especially in the makeup industry. Original and extravagant beauty looks captivated us on the Fall 21 catwalks, like silver lipsticks as we saw in the Salvatore Ferragamo  show (which seemed to come out of an episode of Star Trek) or subtle smokey eyes in metallic tones with crystals on the lashes from Coperni. These little metallic pops of shine transform any outfit into a look worthy of a sci-fi movie.

This makeup color palette could not come at a better time. In December, celebration is in the air, holiday events fill our schedules, and we’re saying goodbye to another year. What better way to enjoy these magical moments than with a little stardust on your face or hands? It’s an extra detail to make any party night even more special.

Give your makeup a unique twist and incorporate some metallic hues. Wear a no makeup look but add some silver lip color or add a bit of gold blush to your cheeks to give your face luminosity and shine. If you’re a fan of a French manicure, give it a twist by adding a metallic shade instead of the classic white. The range of metallic colors gives your makeup a versatile quality that adapts to any outfit. Makeup in this color palette complements a little black dress your face a radiant appearance that complements the shine of the clothes.

Take a chance and rock this trend. Use a small accent of color by wearing some soft eyeshadow, a shimmery nail polish, or a little blush in silver or gold. Or, opt for a bolder makeup look by trying out edgy, graphic eyeliner or bold smokey eyes. Just keep the palette metallic, of course.



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