One of the beauty industry’s most coveted ingredients is found in the depths of the ocean. Seaweed is one of the most popular components in beauty products thanks to its many benefits.

I recently came across a product that caught my attention, the Marine Serum by Spa Technologies. It caught my attention not only because of the impressive results it had on my skin but also because of the ingredients it contains, which include seaweed. That’s when I decided to do a little research about this miraculous ingredient.

The ocean covers 70% of the surface of our planet, and in this immense body of water we find one of the most used ingredients in the skincare industry. Algae is one of the most present organisms at the bottom of the sea and is responsible for producing more than 50% of the planet’s oxygen. We could say that algae is as essential for life on this planet as the sun or water. In addition to beneffiting our planet, algae is also used in many industries such as food and energy. Algae is truly miraculous.

Algae is rich in vitamins, amino acids, proteins, iron, lipids, calcium, and minerals, and as such, has been one of the most used ingredients in beauty products since the 60’s. We find algae in creams, serums, masks, and ointments. Through these products, algae is transferred topically to our skin. The properties of algae help improve the condition of our skin, restore its health, and enhance its natural beauty regardless of our skin type. Of course, as when trying out any new beauty products, we must be careful and always consult a dermatologist first in order to avoid irritation or negative reactions. Everyone is different so products can affect us all in different ways.  

Below are some of the ways that algae can help your skin.

Hydrate Your Skin

Our skin is constantly getting dehydrated by external pollutants, exposure to the sun, and high temperatures. Dehydrated skin can look dull, tired, and cracked, so it’s important to use products that help us stay hydrated. Products containing red algae are excellent for improving skin hydration thanks to the high saturation of vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Another type of algae that is very beneficial when it comes to hydration is spirulina because its chlorophyll levels help clean and moisturize the skin, improving its appearance.

Get Rid of Dark Spots

One of the properties of seaweed is that it helps remove dark spots from the skin. Over time, thanks to acne and pollution, we accumulate dark spots. Studies show that red, brown, and green algae contain large amounts of Vitamin C, making them perfect ingredients for skincare products that fight dark spots. Vitamin C helps us restore our natural glow and reduce the hyperpigmentation that causes dark spots. 

Reduce Inflammation 

Inflammation can be the result of different skin problems, whether acne, sunburns, or even dermatitis. Macroalgae is highly effective in counteracting skin inflammation. The metabolites found in this algae help reduce inflammation, improving the overall condition of the skin. Other types of algae that have been effective as anti-inflammatories are Chlorella and Ulva. Applying a cream with some type of seaweed will help soothe inflammation and redness of the skin.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

One of the biggest causes of skin problems is the sun. The effects of sun damage wreak havoc on our skin. That is why it’s super important to never outside without sunscreen. To add a little extra protection, include products that contain algae in your skincare routine, specifically Gelidiella, which is a type of red algae whose properties make it a natural UV protector. The amino acids found in algae help reduce the effect of rays on the skin, but remember that nothing is a substitute for sunscreen.

Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

As our body ages, the production of collagen decreases, causing the appearance of fine lines. Algae helps us counteract these effects and reduce expression lines. Seaweed decreases the deterioration of the enzymes that produce collagen, helping the skin to remain naturally firm. Among the types of algae that work best to combat fine lines are brown, green, and blue algae. Seaweed contains astaxanthin, a component that is even more beneficial than Vitamin C, making it a high-powered antioxidant.

The next time you are shopping for skincare products, remember that seaweed is great for improving and restoring the health of your skin. Do your research, consult your dermatologist, and find a way to include this ingredient in your skincare routine. I am sure you’ll see wonderful results. 



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