Lately, Bottega Veneta has become one of my favorite brands. I love the way Daniel Lee has established the DNA of the fashion house with distinctive pieces that make anyone recognize it without looking at the label. He has transfomed the brand in a positive way by making many people obsess with his amazing designs. He is an expert working with leather and weaving techniques. The main features of Bottega are the construction of the pieces, the quilting technique and the exaggerated sizes.

The collection consisted of square – quilted coats and long vests in different dimensions, moto boots and quilted shoes for men and women, looks in total monochrome leather, maxi chain necklaces, bags for men, golden chain details in necks, maxi sleeves, pants and dresses completely covered with glitter, accents of color in electric yellow, pink, green and leather and fur fringes in different sizes. I’ve seen fringes everywhere this season, in bags, skirts, dresses, everywhere!

I love the way the designer experimented with structures and sizes. What do you think about the maxi totes? It’s surprising how fashion goes from one extreme to another, speaking of bag trends, some seasons ago we were in love with the mini and nano bags, but for now it seems that giant bags are replacing them.

The venue was covered with a transparent tent and the seats were decorated with a maxi intreccio pattern made with leather that combined the collection.

I was very excited to attend this show for the first time, I mixed and matched animal prints, wearing a leopard coat with zebra shoes, a silver maxi chain collar and a black bag with a big chain as well.

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