December can only mean one thing: the holiday season has begun. Until the end of the month, our social calendars are full of dinners and parties. Here are the hottest hairstyles for the season. 

The next few weeks will be filled with social events ranging from Christmas dinners with friends to office parties. You may have more than one event per day, like a kid’s party in the afternoon and a Christmas dinner later on with your friends at night. These events are meant for connecting with others, catching up, celebrating, and having a good time, but it’s also important that you look your best. 

Obviously, clothes, shoes, and makeup are important when planning what to wear to go out. But this season, a classic ponytail or straightened hair won’t cut it. Be bold and try something new. Here are some hottest hair styles for the season. I’ve personally tried them and know that they’ll look great on you. The key is to take something traditional and turn it into a style that makes you shine.

Simple but with volume 

Try a ponytail with “ornaments” in it for extra movement and volume. This hairstyle may look complicated, but it’s actually quite easy to achieve. All you need are Ping Pong balls and some elastics. Get your hair in a ponytail, and then put a Ping Pong ball in the middle of it and tie an elastic around it to create a little spherical bun. Repeat as needed.

All about the details

Elevate the typical double ponytail with a vintage clip, which adds a subtle touch of elegance and luxury. Choose pieces that combine different materials, like pearls, metals, crystals, and other stones. Go for simple details that manage to attract attention—something that ties together well with your look or is totally opposite and makes for the perfect contrast. Adding an accessory is now edgy.

Elegance with a twist

One of the hottest trends we saw on the catwalks were buns. This hairstyle is elegant, shows off your neck, and highlights the features of your face. We’re not talking about just putting your hair in a simple bun but a type of “croissant-shaped” twist. The vibe is a bit more relaxed but at the same time modern and stylish. This is the perfect simple but elegant hairstyle.

Big things coming

This season, a classic hair accessory is back: headbands. But this time, they’re oversized. Leave those small, refined headbands in the drawer and go for one with a huge bow.  The bigger the better! Choose a classic color like black or white or look for something that stands out with a bold pattern or hue. Or, go for some “wow factor” with pearls or a double bow.



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