The second chapter of the Hermès Beauty saga is written in the most feminine color of the rainbow: pink. This shade comes to life in the Rose Hermès makeup collection.

Last year this French brand shocked the beauty world with the launch of Rouge Hermès, the first Hermès Beauty collection. This first installment consisted of 24 lipsticks in a range of shades, from warm earth tones to intense reds. Now, it’s time for the next chapter of the Hermès Beauty story.

For Jérôme Touron, creative director of Hermès Beauty, blush is the next most logical step for the brand. Blush and lip color complement one another on the face, bringing a makeup look together in a coherent, natural look.

This new collection, entitled Rose Hermès, introduces us to the Rose Hermès Silky Blush. Unlike the tones of the preceding collection, these are soft and feminine. Pink is a hue that is deeply important to the brand. Just think of some of Hermès’ most iconic scarves such as “Belles du Mexique” or “Le Fil D’Ariane,” which are full of this color.

The Rose Hermès Silky Blush comes in eight different shades. Each of these colors is inspired by the history of this French fashion house. Touron studied the Hermès archives to find the eight pigments that would make up this collection. This color palette is delicate, sensual, fresh. and vibrant. There’s the soft Rose Plume and the radiant, bright Rose Pommette, as well as the peachy Rose Abricot. The collection also includes Rose Blush, Rose Ombré, Rose Tan, Rose Nuit, and Rose Feu. The result is a universe of options that adapt to any skin tone.

In classic Hermès style, there is a great level of attention to detail in the collection, down to the packaging itself: a stark white compact with stunning gold details. The minimalist design of the packaging makes the item feel like a treasure chest—a vault containing an extraordinary gem. This package, like that of Rouge Hermès, was created by the genius Pierre Hardy. And, in the brand’s quest to protect the environment, these packages are refillable, making them even more attractive to the conscientious consumer.

Each element of these new blushes pays homage to Hermès’ heritage. The surface of the compact powder resembles the texture of an iconic carré, and the logo displayed there is that of Émile Hermès in 1923.

Applying blush is an art. A little goes a long way on the brush, which we then carefully apply from cheekbone to temple. You will immediately notice the softness of this particular blush when you apply it; it’s as smooth and light as a silk scarf.

Hermès has also created two applicator brushes to accompany the compact powders. The first is made from a lacquered wooden handle and goat hair bristles. The second is a travel size, perfect for a touch-up. Both are part of the colorful, captivating line of packaging created by Pierre Hardy for Hermès Beauty.

The collection also features three new lipsticks in gorgeous pink hues. These are intended to enhance the natural beauty and color of the lips while giving the slightest pop of color. Each Rosy Lip Enhancer is creamy and rich and combines well with the blush tones from the line. Rose Abricoté, Rose d’Été, and Rose Tan are all perfect shades.

And, as if this weren’t enough, Hermès even takes the way we carry our makeup to the next level with the Pommette pochette bag in Rose Extrême Madame leather, a bag made specifically for carrying your Rose Hermès Silky Blush and portable brush. This is the ultimate symbol of French luxury and that je ne sais quoi.

This new installment from Hermès Beauty is simply heavenly. With Rose Hermès, the brand shows us that they are here to stay in the universe of beauty, bringing heritage, elegance, and savoir faire to it.

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