Just like our skin, our hair is affected by the sun, humidity, and wind. So,  protect your hair before heading out for a day at the beach.

Summer is here, so I’m sure you’re already planning a beach escape: some time for sunbathing and disconnecting. These last few months have been so stressful for everyone, and what everyone wants most right now is a bit of R&R. What better way to do that than getting in a few days at the beach?

If you are headed to the beach, you’ve probably already picked out the perfect bathing suit, that romantic dinner look (think: flowing dress with a tropical print), and an outfit for exploring your surroundings. And, you’ve probably prepped your beauty kit with everything you need to protect your skin from the sun and heat. But have you thought about your hair?

Even though you might want to wake up and go straight to the beach, it’s important that you prepare beforehand to protect your hair from the elements. Sun and heat greatly damage our hair and can wreak havoc during and after your trip. Good news: there are routines, products, and accessories that can help you counteract the effects of the sun on your hair and protect it for a worry-free vacay.

Wash Often

While we shouldn’t normally wash our hair more than three times a week, this changes at the beach. In the long run, frequent washing can damage your hair because it removes natural oils and dries out your scalp. But on your summer getaway, you might need to wash your hair more often. Just be sure not to use shampoo every day; simply rinse with cold water to moisturize and eliminate any salt or toxins from the pool or ocean.

Hydrate and Moisturize

After washing, condition your hair. This will counteract the effect of the sun, moisture, and heat. I recommend using a high-quality product with nutrients and vitamins that revitalize the hair, like Verb’s Hydrating Hair Mask, which contains glycerin and babassu oil, or Garnier Fructis’ Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask with avocado.

Air Dry

During the summer our hair is already exposed to the heat of the sun and air. So, leave your hairdryer and straighteners at home. I recommend letting your hair dry naturally. To get volume, texture, and style, use the Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble or the Sea Salt Spray from Moroccan.

Sun Protection

Being on the beach means that your hair and scalp will be exposed to the sun longer than they’re used to. This can cause dryness and burning, so try to use products that will protect you from the sun. I like to use Clarins Sun Care Body & Hair Oil Mist SPF30, which is great for both your body and hair, or Aveda’s Sun Care Protecting Hair Veil, which is waterproof.

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Choose the Right Hairstyle

Before hitting the beach, make an appointment with your stylist for a trim and to give your hair a bit of a reset. If you can and want to, go for a short haircut, since it’s easier to care for in a warm climate. If long hair is your thing, then I recommend tying it back in a loose braid while on vacation; it will protect your hair more than other looks like ponytails. 

The Perfect Accessory 

Perhaps the easiest way to protect your hair from the sun is by wearing the perfect accessory. Go full glamour and wear an Old Hollywood style hat or drape your hair with a gorgeous scarf. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and stick to your personal  style. My favorites for this season are the straw maxi hat form Loewe and Versace’s Greco-Roman print foulard.

Super Healthy

Last but not least, a good diet is essential. And, when I say diet, I don’t mean that kind of diet.  Treat yourself but try to stick to foods that give you energy and are high in protein like eggs, fish, and dairy products like yogurt. And, don’t forget to drink lots of fluids, twice what normally would. This will help you keep your skin and hair hydrated. When in doubt, opt for water and natural juices over other drinks.

These simple steps will help you maintain healthy hair during your vacation. They will leave your hair looking radiant, healthy, and silky. Just because we’re on vacation doesn’t mean we can neglect our precious locks! 



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