I often get asked about the workout routines I share with you in my IG and here on my blog, some of you want to know how I find the inspiration to workout every day and I totally get where this question comes from, I know that sometimes we’d prefer to skip this part of our everyday routine, no matter how determined we were at the beginning. And I think that the main reason sometimes we don’t want to continue with our workouts, is because the routine we chose doesn’t align with our personal workout style and we end up hating the time we’re supposed to do it!

So, although the workouts I share with you are just the right ones for me and keep me motivated to continue doing them, I know that these routines are not exactly for everybody  and I decided to investigate a little about some other workout routines that might be better suited to different styles, and get to keep you motivated, or maybe you enjoy mixing different styles and that’s what you need to keep being motivated.



This form of training combines short burst of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower intensity exercise and it often mixes aerobic and resistance training. This kind of workouts can help you improve oxygen capacity and burn a lot of calories in short amount of time, it also can reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Here’s the basic equipment you’ll need for this kind of training


If you love moving and you love dancing, this is the right workout for you! This is a strong aerobic workout that helps you tone and shape your muscles while the music allows your mind to relax while you keep your body in constant motion. Cardio Dance helps you improve condition of your heart and lungs and helps you with your coordination and flexibility. You won’t need many things for this workout, but this will help you out:


This technique might not have you hopping around, but that doesn’t mean it’s not very intense, one of its main benefits it’s that will chisel your core. It also can help you reduce low-back pain and improve your posture, strength and flexibility. You can be fancy and buy one of those reformers, or you can try first this basic equipment:


  • Body Sculpting

This is a nor aerobic training that focuses on toning your muscles and sculpting them (as its name suggest) resulting in a toned and lean body. You get stronger muscles and helps you also reduce body fat. Basically you’ll need weights, bands and dumbbells

  • YOGA

Do you want to learn to go with the flow and at the same time ease your stress and be more flexible? Search no more because yoga is perfect for you then!

This kit includes what you might need for a yoga workout, get it here

* As you all know, I only recommend products I’d use myself, so this post contains affiliate links, that means if you use them to make a purchase I may receive a commission from that sale.

So, which one of these different workout styles do you think would suit you better? Are you interested in trying one of them? If you do, don’t forget to tell me how it went!



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